Step One: Update your R and other Tools

While it’s not necessary to start  your process of building a package by updating your version of R to the current version, I started my process that way.  Ordinarily I like to stay current with R and with all my tools.  For this example I will be using version 2.13.0.  If your using a later version and run into any problems I’ll update this how to guide.  The platform is  x86_64-pc-mingw32/x64. I’ll being doing this example with the 64 bit version of R.  Updates, of course, are available here . The exact url for version 2.13.1 is

Its best to use this and actually see what version we are on

In addition to using R I also use RStudio which is a great crossplatform IDE. I recommend it use.  After updating my R I updated my RStudio from the following    URL

I’m using version .93

RStudio v0.93 Available (4/11/2011)

RStudio v0.93 is now available. This release includes source editor enhancements, options for customizing pane layout and appearance, an interactive plotting package, improved handling of Unicode characters, and many more small enhancements and bug fixes. All of the details on the new release can be found in our release notes

When you have finished that it’s time to do a little review of your Windows System. That’s step two found here

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